A Thousand Stones Of Songgo Langit


A Glimpse of A Thousand Stone Batu Songgo Langit sounds unique. This place is called a thousand stones because there are many big rocks that is still in one area of the Mangunan Pine Forest.

Other than attracting tourists with the huge rocks in the middle of pine forest, there are also unique selfie spots that are still rarely found in another place. Some unique selfie spots in the Thousand Stone of Songgo Langit comprise The Hobbit Houses like in The Taman Kelinci (Robbit Park) Pujon Malang, The Wooden House, The Wooden Bridge that connect between trees, view posting, tree houses and other unique spots.

Visiting to the Thousand stones of Songgo Langit is even more exciting with outbound facilities such as flying fox and climbing spots for some professional wall climbers.

The facilities here are quite adequate such as toilets, stalls, and parking areas. For entrance fees, visitors are not subjected to retribution in the Thousand Stone of Songgo Langit area. They are only charged a parking fee of Rp. 3000, – for motorbikes and cars for Rp. 10,000.

The route to Thousand Stone of Songgo Langit is from the intersection of the Giwangan terminal continues to south through the East Imogiri Road until it meets the T-junction of the Imogiri Market. Then, follows the direction to the Mangunan Village. It is not far from the location of The Mangunan Village, you will find the Bumi Langit Restaurant. After that, follow the direction to the Watu Goyang. Finnaly, it does not take a long time to arrive at the Thousand Stone of Songgo Langit.


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