Mangunan Fruit Garden

The beauty of nature is a great gift from God given to His servants to be grateful for this great blessing. With their high awareness they were willing to flock to see directly from the miracle of God through their natural world. This can be seen by the number of people who come early in the morning at the peak of the Mangunan Fruit Garden to see the sea of fog that forms the bend of the hill on the left and right of the Oya river. These fog or mist meet each other so that the bend of the Oya river is not stuck on this hill, they agree to give beauty to the visitors in this place.

Mangunan Fruit Garden Location

The mangunan orchard is located in Mangunan Village, Dlingo District, Bantul, Special Region of Yogyakarta. To get to this location from the city of Yogyakarta, you can go through the giwangan terminal to south, which is through the eastern Imogiri Road. Arriving in the Imogiri area, just go uphill following a signpost and from Imogiri sub-district it still takes around 4 Km.

Edilia, one of the visitors we had interviewed on the sidelines of her excitement at seeing the mist from the Mangunan Fruit Garden hill, she expressed her admiration for this natural phenomenon.

“Very good, my friends and I have been curious about this. Several times seeing photos from social media we can finally see it directly, it is really cool” said the student of Faculty of Cultural Sciences UGM.

The same thing was also expressed by Jerry who intentionally stayed with his friends to chase the sunrise and the sea of fog on the hilltop of Mangunan Fruit Garden.

“Very good, finally we can see directly from here. My friends and I have scheduled time to stay so that we can feel the sunrise and the sea of mist directly” said Jerry, the Amikom Informatics Department student.

The sea of fog on the hilltop of Mangunan Fruit Garden also moves the economy wheel for local people to pick up fortune. Some traders are ready to open their stalls starting from the iconic Mangunan porridge, Coffee Shop, grocery stalls and grilled meatballs.

This is the greatness of God with all natural phenomena that giving great benefits to His servants. Fortune and happiness became one in that morning.


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