Menwa Tambelan Peak

One more tourist spot that is hits on Bantul Yogyakarta. This tourist spot is named Puncak Menwa Tembelan. The tourist location of Menwa Tembelan Peak is to the east of the tourist attraction of the Mangunan Fruit Garden. Getting to this location, we can use a motorcycle or car.

There are two easy routes to get to the the Menwa Tembelan Peak from Yogyakarta.

The first route: from the giwangan terminal – east road of imogiri follow the road and continue to arrive at the imogiri market, turn left toward the tombs of the imogiri kings, there are T-junction turn right in pine forest mangunan, until at the T-junction in mangunan turn rightto the direction of the mangunan orchard, follow the road until there are instructions name the jurangTambelan.

The second route: from the city of Yogyakarta – Jl. Imogiri Barat follow the road until you reach the Barongan Market, turn left towards the tomb of the kings of Imogiri, there are T-junction turn right direction of the pine forest mangunan, until the T-junction of Mangunan turn right towardsthe Mangunan orchard, follow the road until there are instructions name the jurang tambelan.

At the top tourist sites, we can enjoy the natural beauty scenery like being in the country above the clouds. By a viewing post made of bamboo we can see the beautiful green hills and the river flow. This viewing post is a favorite location for visitors to take pictures. A natural scenery as a background, making this place be a right location to take a selfie. This place is also very suitable to see the beautiful sunrise in the morning.


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