Initially, Tegal Dam contruction was as a channel for irrigating rice fields and reducing flooding from the overflowing Opak River which often happened. Tegal Dam itself is a dam built in the Kebonagung Tourism Village, Imogiri, Bantul. It is one of the attractions of this tourist village.

Tegal Dam was inaugurated by the DIY government in 1997. While the potential as a new tourist location was developed in 2000 and it was only in 2003 that the idea of the Kebonagung Tourism Village was implemented.

The trend of natural tourism offered by Kebonagung Village is a blessing for residents around Tegal Dam. On several occasions, visitors will be treated to water tours using dragon boats. Moreover at this dam, a national level dragon boat competition has been held by the DIY Tourism Office.

Besides water tourism using dragon boats, Tegal Dam is also often used as a fishing spot. Quiet water and cool atmosphere make Tegal Dam as a favorite place for fishing mania.

Tegal Dam characteristics at the Opak River with its quiet water and straight track are also used by the Chinese community to celebrate the Peh Cun event. Peh Cun in the hokian dialect itself is a celebration carried out by holding a dragon boat race.


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