Parang Endog Beach


Even though this beach is not familiar to most people, it is already well-known by tourists especially for the tourists that ever come to Parangtritis Beach.

If we visit the Parangtritis Beach, look at the east side, surely we will be treated green hills jutting into the sea. There are not many people realize that there is the beach name Parang Endog Beach. Even though it is near Parangtritis Beach, administratively the beach is located in the Gunungkidul Regency area.

The characteristics of the Parang Endog Beach and the Parangtritis Beach are slightly different. From this beach, we will see many large coral reefs like eggs. That is where Parang Endog Beach name from. Besides that, we will also see green hills that become a part of the Pegunugan Seribu and high cliffs on the beach called Watugupit Cliff.

To visit here, the tourists simply walk eastward from Parangtritis Beach. The location is pretty far from the parking area and makes it relatively quiet compared to the Parangtritis.


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